About once a month, Skilful Earnest Dramatic holds a
live storytelling show featuring true, personal, non-
fiction storytellers. The stories we like best are between
10 and 15 minutes when told aloud, which is about 1500
words when written down. We accept stories in any
language. We also accept story submissions in person,
face to face. We always remind our would-be storytellers
that we even accept story ideas in the form of a single
sentence. Our process is to receive the submission and
then work through steps of brainstorming and editing to
make the story as strong as possible. When we think it’s
ready and when we’re confident you’re ready to tell it,
we schedule it for an upcoming show. It’s as simple as

creative writing workshop

Creative writing workshop Fiction it magic or or craft..inspiration or or prize! Demystify the process of story writing with practical techniques.  Unleash the writer within you and explore the world of stories with confidence! This Is An Era Where Creativity Rules! This is a Writers’ Workshop that has…  Innovative exercises for …

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what event?

Voice is an active, physical thing in oral poetry. It needs a speaker and a listener, a performer and an audience. It is a bodily creation that thrives in live connection. The voice is the mechanism by which a “poet’s voice” comes alive. Reciting a poem aloud the reciter comes to understand and then to be …

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