Our special rates are 499 INR per thousand words.
We charge according to the length of your document, not hourly. The
advantage of this is that you are able to calculate a fixed price for your
work. Once we have received your document we will give you a definite
price according to the following formula: word count multiplied by 0.499 INR
equals the fixed price plus GST.
Even if heavy editing is required and we have to spend more time on your
document than we anticipated we guarantee that the price will not go up.
You can pay by transferring the money electronically into our bank account
or by depositing directly to our account. We can also accept through other
mode of payments.
There are, however, two exemptions that will apply to many of our
(1) Customers from outside the India. If you provide us with your full
address details including postcode we do not have to charge you GST.
(2) Customers from outside India, business or institution that is VAT
registered in any other country (this includes most of the universities). In
this case, we need your institution’s VAT registration number and the full
address details including postcode of the institution in order to exempt you
from VAT.