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If you’ve been dreaming of putting a little bit of yourself—and your book—out there for the world to see, do allow us to introduce ourselves.

If your dream is to join the ranks of our esteemed list of world renowned authors, we would love to peruse your manuscript and read your proposal

Some Dos and Don’ts

  • Your proposal should include a synopsis and chapter outline together with any two sample chapters. For short stories and poems, please send a synopsis of the collection with five sample stories and/or poems.
  • Do keep a copy of the material you have sent for your records. We do not return any documents sent to us.
  • Do inform us if you have simultaneously submitted your manuscript to another publishing house while we’re considering your proposal.
  • Do not send in letters asking for information on how to submit proposals/manuscripts as any information we can give you has already been shared on our website.
  • Do not make any queries via phone, fax, email or in person in the period your proposal and/or manuscript is being assessed.
  • Do not send material on CDs.

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